Who's Invited?

All CYT students, ages 12-18, are invited to come to EXPO. This track is designed for students who are participating in APEX as well as those who are not. Your days will be full of fun and activities, including masterclasses, workshops, and APEX competitions. Due to the nature of these events, some activities overlap. However, the schedule allows ALL students to be together for specific events when possible.


Did someone say red carpet? WE DID! To celebrate an awesome EXPO, we are concluding the event with a Red-Carpet, semi-formal party with plated dinner, desserts, live music, dancing, awards, and more! A ticket to EXHORT is $70 for Students, Leaders, Spectators, parents, and outside guests ages 8 and older. 

Master Classes: Act, Sing, Dance, Live

These four little words sum up CYT. We’ll be focusing on these themes all throughout our time at EXPO with workshops, activities, special guest speakers, interviews, and more! Each year we bring different instructors to teach on their specialties and to engage with students. Stay tuned to find out more about who will be teaching this year’s classes!

Decathlon Award

The Decathlon Award recognizes exceptional CYT students who have demonstrated a love for theater by pursuing a well-rounded education in the theater arts and who have exhibited a character consistent with CYT values. The deadline to submit is April 1! For more information on the Decathlon Award, a list of requirements, and an application to submit, follow the link below.

My CYT Story Competition

If you are a CYT Student between the ages of 12-18, YOU can enter the My CYT Story Competition! One winner will be selected from each Branch by their local board. The Branch winners will receive a certificate of recognition at EXPO. From the Branch winners, one National Winner will be selected and announced at EXPO! The deadline to submit is April 1! Want to submit your story? Follow the link below!

EXPO Rules for Students

Branch Leaders may implement additional rules. Students must adhere to the following:
  • 11 pm nightly curfew. For safety reasons and as a courtesy to other hotel guests, we ask that students be in their rooms by 11 pm.
  • Only people registered on the hotel reservation for your room are allowed in your hotel room. No student should be in another student's room without an adult chaperone present.
  • Students must follow the EXPO schedule and attend all events. If students are not going to attend a scheduled EXPO event, they must be with their parent chaperone (there is plenty of free time at this year’s EXPO, so please do not plan your “pool time” during scheduled events)
  • We require ALL students and leaders to agree to our Rules of Engagement upon registration. We ask that leaders and parent/chaperones help implement these standards for the safety and fun of the group. Be sure to review the Rules of Engagement before arriving at EXPO.
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