In 2001, Jared Pixler and Linda Wolfe of CYT San Diego put together CYT’s very first Improvathon competition. In 2002, all seven San Diego chapters competed, along with one team from CYT Kansas City and one team from CYT Richmond. In 2003, they were joined by teams from CYT Chicago. In 2004, the Improvathon became a truly nationwide event, as teams from San Diego, Kansas City, Atlanta, Vancouver, and Richmond competed. In 2006, Improvathon was held outside of San Diego for the first time, hosted by CYT Kansas City. 

Over time as CYT leaders from around the country began to meet on a yearly basis, the Improvathon became a part of the National CYT EXPO. The Improvathon is one of many events that happen at EXPO, an event that has over 450 participants anually.

To participate in Improvathon, your CYT Branch must bring a team of 4 - 6 players, ages 12 - 18. Teams play various games form the Improvathon Playbook and are judged based on pre-determined criteria to see who gets to take home the coveted Improvathon trophy. Throughout the competition, teams are given feedback so that they can continue to grow and learn as Improv Players!

2019 Improvathon Winners

CYT RIVERSIDE - "Taking Up Space"