Who's Invited?

CYT Adult Leadership includes Artistic Directors, Managing Directors, Coordinators (Chapter, Shows, Classes, Camps, @school, etc.), Board Members, Teaching Artists, Artistic Team Members, HYPE Advisors, Improv Coaches, and any other critical staff.


Schedules will be released soon! Be checking back for more information!

ADs, MDs, BODs, etc.

Your days will be filled with workshops, guest speakers, and more! We are looking forward to gathering as a group, learning from one another, and celebrating what is going on around the country. 

HYPE Advisors

Register as adult leadership, and follow the HYPE schedule with your students. NOTE: HYPE advisors have additional meetings.

Improvathon Coaches

Register as leadership and follow the Improvathon schedule with your students! 


We are asking each branch to send us a video to introduce yourself! Let us know where you are from, who you are, and give a shout out to the Nation! Keep these videos short (no longer than 20 seconds), with high energy and movement. We will be compiling the videos together for our opening morning, so note that yours may be cut down to make sure we can fit everyone in. Leaders, email your video to renee@cyt.org by May 15th!

What better way to showcase the Nation than with a SHOWCASE! Each branch will provide one musical number (up to 3 minutes, must be on a track, and a CYT approved song). You can have a group perform, or you can have a soloist represent your city. You can coordinate your outfits, or do full out costumes. The idea is that we have a wonderful night of entertainment, put on by YOU and your fellow CYT family. Perhaps you can perform a number from your CYT year! The only rule is that whoever performs must be a registered EXPO attendee. The showcase will end with all students singing a finale number together. Leaders, email your song choice and track to renee@cyt.org by May 15th. First come, first served on the song choice!
(Note: Branches will be given some “stage time” prior to the National Showcase in order to stage their number, but be sure to come to EXPO with your number complete, as time will be limited.)

This is not required, but we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you meet with your EXPO group prior to boarding the plane or loading the car. This way, together, you can go through all of this information, review rules, come up with a dinner plan, and so on.

EXPO Rules for Students

Branch Leaders may choose to implement additional rules, but we ask that these be recognized by all students at EXPO.
  • 11pm nightly curfew. For safety reasons and as a courtesy to other hotel guests, we ask that students be in their hotel rooms by 11pm.
  • No boys and girls in hotel rooms without an adult present.
  • Must follow the EXPO schedule and attend all events. If students are not going to be attending a scheduled EXPO event, they must be with their parent chaperone (there is plenty of free time at this year’s EXPO, so please do not plan your “pool time” during scheduled events).
  • Be respectful of all Hotel guests, abide by all Hotel rules, and refrain from any and all illegal activity. 
  • We are requiring ALL students and leaders to agree to a CYT EXPO Code of Conduct upon registration. We ask that leaders and parent/chaperones help implement these standards for the safety and fun of the group. Be sure to review the code of conduct prior to arriving at EXPO.
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