Get involved in CYT beyond the stage! CYT has many programs in place that foster theater arts in the community and we’d love for you to take part in the various initiatives that CYT has going on.
The CYT EXPO is an annual celebration of our CYT family. It is a chance for us to bring unity to CYT Branches across the country through workshops, gathering, sharing, and more! The EXPO is open to CYT students and Branch leadership and hosts our national Improvathon competition, HYPE trainings, leadership meetings, and student activities. Come be a part of the bigger CYT picture!
The Improvathon is an annual comedy showcase and competitive theater event for CYT students. Teams from all over the country get together each summer at the CYT EXPO to take part in the IMPROVATHON competition. It’s a hilarious way for students to showcase their talents, think quickly, and step out of their comfort zones.
The annual CYT National Leadership Conference (NLC) provides an opportunity for CYT Leadership such as Artistic Directors, Managing Directors, Coordinators (Chapter, Shows, Classes, Camps), Board Members, and more, to step away from the day-to-day operations of CYT and invest in the organization through training, fellowship, and commitment to what we do.
CYT wants to ensure that students everywhere have an opportunity to experience the wonderful world of theater. CYT@school is a low-cost after school program that supports performing arts training in public and private schools.

The CYT@school program consists of eight weeks of drama, voice, and dance training which offers sound theater art instruction while also building character. All participating students perform in an end-of-session Showcase that is literature-based while still being very popular with students. Our teachers are enthusiastic positive role models who lead and inspire.
High School Youth Pursuing Excellence (HYPE) is a leadership training group designed to challenge and guide the advanced students of CYT to be leaders inside and outside of CYT. Getting involved by serving the community around them, continuing to grow as an individual, and committing themselves to excellence in all they do are the core components of this CYT program.
The National My CYT Story Competition invites students ages 12-18 to share their CYT Story with the world. Winners are first selected locally at the Branch level, and then each Branch winner moves on and is entered into the National Competition. Winners receive prizes and national recognition at the annual CYT EXPO.

Theater Arts Project

Next summer, TAP and CYT are taking a team to run a summer camp program in Uganda. We want you to join us! If you have ever had a desire to travel abroad and be part of an NGO team, this is your chance. You'll be working directly with the youth of Uganda while participating in a unique cultural exchange. This will be the adventure of a lifetime!

TAP and CYT are partnering together to make this trip happen. TAP (Theater Arts Project) is the registered on-the-ground NGO in Uganda doing after-school theater arts every week. TAP believe in the power of the arts just as much as we do and was founded a CYT Alumni, Chris Ninness. Music and dance are universal languages. This partnership allows us to embrace that idea and start a significant cultural exchange.
The Decathlon Award recognizes exceptional CYT students who have demonstrated a love for theater by pursuing a well-rounded education in the theater arts and who have exhibited a character consistent with CYT values. The award includes a certificate of recognition to be presented at the CYT EXPO, as well as a personal letter of recommendation from Paul Russell, CYT Co-Founder.


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