What is the Decathlon Award?

The Decathlon Award recognizes exceptional CYT students who have demonstrated a love for theater by pursuing a well-rounded education in the theater arts and who have exhibited a character consistent with CYT values. The award includes a certificate of recognition, as well as a personal letter of recommendation from the CYT Board of Directors.

Each recipient will automatically receive the title of “CYT National Decathlon Award Winner" and will be eligible for one of two $500 scholarships. The National Board of Directors will review the applications, essays, and recommendations and choose two scholarship winners.


The Decathlon Award will be awarded to students, aged 16-18, who have met the following requirements, within the past five seasons:
  1. Completion of 10 CYT Classes*
  • 2 Music Classes
  • 2 Dance Classes (must be different styles)
  • 2 Drama Classes
  • 2 Specialty Classes (Improv, makeup, technical, audition workshop, etc.) One week of CYT Middle School/High School Camp may be substituted for one class session.
  • 2 other Classes, any focus
2. Participation in 10 CYT Productions**
  • At least 1 as a cast member
  • At least 1 as a crew member

3. Participation in a volunteer position during 1 CYT Session 
  • Such as hair, makeup, usher, class aid, etc.

4. Participation in good standing for 2 years membership in HYPE or documented 40 hours of community service through church, school or civic organization

5. Completion of a written Essay.
  • In 350-500 words, explain CYT’s impact in making you the person you are today. Specifically, how has CYT nurtured and facilitated your growth in character? Who and what from your CYT experience contributed to that growth?
* A completed class means fulfilling the entire 10 weeks session (with one absence allowed). Repeating the same class does not count as two classes. 

** COVID-19 accommodations:  If you missed shows because of COVID restrictions, that would have allowed you to be eligible for Decathlon, those shows will not be counted against your eligibility. Two missed shows from 2020 and up to two missed shows from 2021 will be excused. Missed shows will be verified at the discretion of  your Artistic Director.


To submit your Decathlon application, click the button below.

Application deadline for 2024 Decathlon Award is May 1, 2024.  Any submissions received after May 1, will be considered for 2025 Decathlon Award.