Who's Invited?

The EXPO Spectator Pass is great for parents, chaperones, or siblings of EXPO Attendees. This pass is required for admittance to Improv rounds and main events (morning and evening), which includes the Keynote Speaker, Improvathon Finals, closing National Showcase, and morning worship events. However, this pass does NOT include the 40th Year Celebration Party, workshops, food, or other activities. Most parent chaperones will want this pass. If you are a chaperone and do not want to attend any EXPO events, you do not need to purchase a pass.

Please note: This year marks the 40th year of CYT! To celebrate this incredible milestone, we are throwing a 40s style party (40s dress encouraged!) with desserts, live music, dancing, a swing dance lesson or two, and more! Single tickets can be purchased by Spectators, parents, and outside guests ages 8 and older.

Meals and the 40th Year Celebration Party are not included with the Spectator Pass.


Purchasing a Spectator Pass grants you access to the following events:
  • Welcome Bonfire: Wednesday night
  • Keynote Speaker Event: Thursday night
  • Morning Worship: Thursday, Friday, Saturday mornings
  • Improv Rounds as room permits
  • Improvathon Finals: Friday night
  • Closing Night Event: Saturday night
The following are NOT included, but can be purchased separately:
  • Welcome Dinner: $12
  • 40 Year Celebration Party: $40

Chaperone Responsibilities

Chaperones are responsible for their students during non-scheduled EXPO events. Mornings before events, free time, meal times, late evenings, and inside hotel rooms will need to be monitored by chaperones. For any chaperone that would like to attend EXPO just to perform these duties and does not want to attend the above gatherings, you do not need to register.

Visitors at EXPO

EXPO is a closed event and visitors are not permitted. Only paid registrants are allowed to attend EXPO events. Everyone must be wearing their passes in order to enter events.

EXPO Rules for Students

Branch Leaders may choose to implement additional rules, but we ask that these be recognized by all students at EXPO. Please be aware that we are asking all students to adhere to the following:
  • 11pm nightly curfew. For safety reasons and as a courtesy to other hotel guests, we ask that students be in their hotel rooms by 11pm.
  • No boys and girls in hotel rooms without adult present.
  • Must follow the EXPO schedule and attend all events. If students are not going to be attending a scheduled EXPO event, they must be with their parent chaperone (there is plenty of free time at this year’s EXPO, so please do not plan your “pool time” during scheduled events)
  • We are requiring ALL students and leaders to agree to a CYT EXPO Code of Conduct upon registration. We ask that leaders and parent/chaperones help implement these standards for the safety and fun of the group. Be sure to review the code of conduct prior to arriving at EXPO.
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