Every City Needs a CYT!

Christian Youth Theater (CYT) Branches are a Global network of nonprofit organizations committed to developing character and creativity through quality theater arts training that brings families and communities together while reflecting Jesus. As each Branch carries out the local mission of CYT in their community, it is the sole responsibility of CYT National to establish and carry out the larger vision of CYT across the United States and beyond. Not only does CYT National serve the needs of existing Branches, but it also holds the responsibility of assessing and launching new Branches in cities where people have yet to experience the impactful culture of CYT.

Our goal is to launch as many new Branches as possible because we believe “every city needs a CYT.

"Of course we all come to the theatre with baggage. The baggage of our daily lives, the baggage of our problems, the baggage of our tragedies, the baggage of being tired. It doesn't matter what age you are. But if our hearts get opened and released -- well that is what theatre can do, and does sometimes, and everyone is thankful when that happens."

Vanessa Redgrave

Join the MISSION. Accomplish the VISION.

Currently, there are 22 local CYT Branches across the United States. From Virginia to California and Illinois to Texas, over 11,000 kids weekly find a safe place to belong, perform, and improve their craft in an environment that points them to Jesus. With a workforce of 235 Directors and more than 200 Teachers who produce over 250 productions each year, there is a great need for development and expansion into new territories throughout the US and beyond.

The Start-Up Process

CYT Branches are started by Founders. These are leaders who understand the mission of CYT intrinsically while also knowing what it takes to operate a business. For this reason, we thoroughly assess all candidates through an in-depth selection process, taking every measure to ensure the long-term success and health of every CYT Branch. CYT National is looking for Founders who understand the lifestyle of an entrepreneur; dedicated, focused, and driven. Founders should not seek to start a new CYT Branch for financial gain, nor should they see this endeavor as temporary. Founders are proactive leaders who are dedicated to the long-term health of their local CYT Branch. It’s hard work, and a long-game that produces a Kingdom reward.

Starting a local CYT Branch is a privilege that is not for the faint of heart. Often, it takes several years for a Branch to become healthy and full-functioning. Founding a CYT is not a short-term endeavor, but a long-term commitment that will impact your community for generations to come.
For decades, CYT has been developing character and creativity through quality theater arts training that brings families and communities together while reflecting Jesus. Every local Branch across the Nation started with an individual who had a passion, maybe even a calling, to build character, bring hope and express the Love of God to those who desperately need it. If you are ready to take the first step toward starting a CYT Branch, click below. We are here and ready to help!