Mission Statement

Developing a new generation of leaders through service, mentorship, and leadership while reflecting the Creator.

About HYPE

HYPE (High School Youth Pursuing Excellence) is the youth leadership group at CYT designed to give high school students opportunities for service, mentorship, and leadership. Much like an ASB, HYPE has biweekly meetings, positions for every member – including a council consisting of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer – and plans social events, fundraisers, and service projects for CYT and the community.

Beyond performing these functions, HYPE students are mentored and trained in leadership by their Advisor who challenges them to grow in excellence in their own lives. HYPE members agree to be role models and hold themselves to a higher standard at CYT by mentoring younger/new students, encouraging others at CYT to pursue excellent lives, and being available to serve and help the adults at CYT. They also help to bring CYT’s values to the community through their involvement and service with various community organizations.

Finally, active growing HYPE groups also attend the annual CYT EXPO in San Diego. Here, they receive additional training, collaborate with HYPE members across the country, and gain the national vision which they can implement in their home branch.

Service Projects

There are two types of service projects that HYPE does - one for CYT, and one for the community. The kinds of service projects vary according to Branch and cover everything from cleaning a CYT storage space, to serving a Super Saturday breakfast to the cast, to volunteering at a soup kitchen, or visiting a retirement home.

Why does HYPE do service projects?
  1. To build a heart of servant leadership in students, which is a major aspect of HYPE’s leadership training.
  2. Practically speaking, to help CYT and the community with projects that need volunteers. It also helps spread the name of CYT into the community in a positive way.
  3. To help open students’ eyes to needs in the community that they might not have previously been aware of.
The amount of service projects that HYPE does depends on the schedule and size of the group, but generally there are one to five per year (especially if they are doing one for CYT and one for the community within the same session).


Socials are events planned by HYPE students for the CYT community to come participate in and have fun outside of classes and rehearsals. They include things like a roller-skating night, a masquerade ball, a harvest party, a movie night, or a swing dance.

Why does HYPE plan and put on socials?
  1. To build community at CYT. Providing fun opportunities for kids to bond outside of CYT classes and rehearsals goes a long way in making CYT a closer family.
  2. To build responsibility and teamwork as students work together to plan and put on the event.
  3. To give experience that students can take with them into the next step of life (as a college RA, in a future career path, etc.).
Newer or smaller HYPE groups might put on one social per year, but older or larger HYPE groups might have one per class session for up to three or four a year (if they also do one in the summer).


HYPE puts on fundraisers, not to raise money for CYT, but to raise money for their own goals and purposes.

What are those goals?
  1. To put on events (to pay for things such as the venue, decorations, prizes, etc.)
  2. To attend the CYT Expo
  3. To donate to causes of its choice.
Teaching budgeting and fundraising to high school students will also give them lifelong skills handling money which will be useful for just about any job they might acquire.
Some of the typical HYPE fundraisers include having a bake sale at auditions, doing a raffle basket during one of the show performances, charging admission to a social event, and selling doughnuts or pizza at rehearsals. There can be anywhere from one to four fundraisers per session, depending on how each HYPE group structures them.


Mentoring is a way that HYPE students build relationships with other students at CYT (generally younger and newer), intentionally seeking to help them grow and find their place at CYT and as a follower of God.

Why do HYPE students mentor others?
  1. To teach students to intentionally invest in other people’s lives
  2. To training up the next generation of leaders after them.
  3. To learn how to actively be a role model to younger CYT students which will give more incentive for those younger students to stay involved with CYT.

Some of the ways that HYPE students mentor at CYT are: building friendships with younger/newer kids; doing HYPE buddies or show buddies; leading devotions/worship at rehearsals; having a "Tween Night"; or making a "Tech Week Survival Kit" for new students.

Mentoring might not be the easiest to measure, but it is the most important aspect of HYPE, because making an impact on other people's lives is the key to great leadership - and that's what HYPE aspires to teach.

Want HYPE in Your Branch?

Don't have HYPE in your Branch? Have your Artistic Director contact our National HYPE Director, Lydia Kinne, to get the process started!

Already Have HYPE?

Looking for more resources for your current HYPE? Have your HYPE Advisor or Artistic Director contact our National HYPE Director, Lydia Kinne.

I stumbled my way into an amazing family that helped me rediscover my relationship with Christ, revitalized my CYT experience, and showed me that I could become a person I was proud to be.

CYT Spokane HYPE Student

Benefits of HYPE

  • HYPE trains students to be leaders at a young age.
  • HYPE students are more likely to help bring CYT about abroad.
  • HYPE students are more likely to help start CYTs throughout the US.
  • HYPE students have shown to be more dedicated to CYT.
  • HYPE students are community leaders.
  • HYPE students know the importance of commitment.
  • HYPE students mentor younger CYT kids.
  • HYPE students grow more in their faith, and hence challenge others to grow.
  • HYPE teaches students to be servants and to sacrifice.
  • HYPE teaches students how to coordinate events and take responsibility.
  • HYPE students nourish a greater sense of community at CYT.
  • HYPE gives students a place to belong and a role to carry out in CYT (especially beneficial to students who may not always get lead roles in shows).
  • HYPE prepares students for the professional world in conducting meetings, completing applications and interviews, and carrying out roles to make a group function.
  • HYPE students are the representatives of the student voice to the Board and Production Team.
  • HYPE students are committed to carrying out the mission of CYT and representing it well in the community.

HYPE Student Testimonials

HYPE affirmed my greater sense of purpose for CYT. To mentor, to serve, to learn. Theater is a passion of mine, but my passion for people and serving God’s kingdom runs greater. In the times where remembering that at CYT became almost impossible, HYPE was the guiding light through which God said, ‘No, my precious daughter. You have been called to such a time as this … When theater seemed to provide no reason for my purpose [at CYT], HYPE was the reason I stayed. 
- CYT Spokane HYPE Student

Today I graduated from high school. And ‪because of HYPE‬‬ I can face each day with confidence, knowing that God has a great plan for me. Without HYPE, I would never have become the confident, outspoken, energetic person that I am today. I have gained the confidence to be a leader and learned how to always look on the brighter side of things. I learned to value those close to me and cherish every second of every day. And most importantly, I learned that as long as I begin and end each day with God, I am unstoppable. Here's to the future!
- CYT Fredericksburg HYPE Student

I’m so thankful for HYPE. The love I’ve felt this year from my fellow HYPE members and from our HYPE advisers has helped me become more confident and realize that what I have to say matters. I love all of them so much and I can’t even imagine what my life would be like without them and the rest of my CYT family.
- CYT Santa Cruz HYPE Student