What is My CYT Story?

The national CYT Blog is always looking for a first hand account of a personal experience you've had with CYT. Maybe it's a new friendship, a favorite show, a hilarious moment, or a testimony of a life changed. This can be formatted like a letter or diary entry and should read like you're talking to someone, telling them your story.

Everything's a story - You are a story - I am a story.

Frances Hodgson Burnett, A Little Princess

My CYT Story Competition

When you submit your story to the blog, you also have the option of entering it into the annual My CYT Story Competition! It begins on a local level, with the winner from each Branch being anonymously chosen by their local Board of Directors. The winner from each Branch will become a finalist in the competition, receive $25 off of their CYT EXPO registration, and is awarded a certificate of recognition from CYT HQ at the national CYT EXPO. The MyCYT Story Competition winner will be anonymously voted on by the CYT HQ staff and will be announced at the upcoming CYT EXPO.

Submit your story!

It's time to submit your story! Here are some ideas on details you may want to include: When did your story take place? How did you get involved in the experience you're writing about? What is something you learned from this experience? What advice do you have for someone else who might experience the same thing, and so on. You may have millions of stories to tell, so feel free to come back and tell another one (and another one, and another one)!

The 2019 My CYT Story Competition closes on April 1!