Code of Conduct

CYT’s EXPO is an event for CYT students, leaders, and families. As such, we expect all in attendance to adhere to the CYT Code of Conduct, which reflects the CYT Mission.
  • Respect for leaders, staff, parents, and other students is expected at all times.
  • Honoring language will be used. Name-calling, profanity and/or inappropriate actions will not be tolerated.
  • Students' conduct will be respectful of property, and therefore, any damage done to property will be replaced or repaired by the student.
  • CYT expects purity of self in relationships with others and one's own body; therefore, drugs,
    alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited. Overt physical contact between students is inappropriate at CYT activities.
  • Maintain appropriate content and images on any and all social media and digital correspondence (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, blogs, texting, email etc.). Remembering that you are representing CYT and are a role model for other students and should exhibit Judeo-Christian values.
  • CYT wants all students to do their best and believe that the Lord will do a good work in their lives. 

Dress Code

  • CYT expects students to dress modestly and appropriately, in a way that promotes a healthy environment and eliminates distractions.
  • Overly tight, too short, or revealing clothing is not acceptable.
  • Midriffs must be covered, even when arms are raised or when seated.
  • Undergarments are not to be visible or exposed.

EXPO Specific Rules

Branch Leaders may choose to implement additional rules, but we ask that these be recognized by all students at EXPO.
  • 11pm nightly curfew. For safety reasons and as a courtesy to other hotel guests, we ask that students be in their hotel rooms by 11pm.
  • No boys and girls in hotel rooms without adult present.
  • Must follow the EXPO schedule and attend all events. If students are not going to be attending a scheduled EXPO event, they must be with their parent chaperone (there is plenty of free time at this year’s EXPO, so please do not plan your “pool time” during scheduled events)