This year “GIVE CYT” is taking on a whole new meaning. 2020 marks 40 years since the founding of CYT, and in this year alone, CYT Branches around the Country have faced more challenges than any other year in our history. With wildfires destroying homes and venues, Hurricanes wiping out whole cities, and a global pandemic halting programming at every turn, CYT has been hit hard.

CYT Inc. is the licensor of the CYT brand and provides the tools and means necessary to keep Branches operating. CYT Branches pay a licensing fee to CYT Inc. in order to operate under the Brand of “CYT". During this past year, Branches have been unable to host programming, therefore unable to generate revenue that would allow them to pay licensing fees in full. In an effort to provide as much COVID Relief as possible for every Branch, CYT Inc. has provided a 40% reduction in their monthly fees from September through the end of the year. Our hope is to do everything we can to keep CYT Branches open in the 26 cities where it currently exists. This year, starting with #GivingTuesday, our goal is to raise funds to help make up for the loss in licensing fees in light of these hard challenges, as we move through this season and into a more hopeful and promising tomorrow. 

God has provided for CYT for 40 years, and we trust Him to continue to provide for the next 40 and beyond. The CYT mission and spirit are strong and families in CYT Branches around the Country continue to band together to hold on to character, community, and creativity during these times. We ask that you pray and consider giving to help us see the mission of CYT live on and serve many families for decades to come.

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Goal: $25,000.00

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11/9/20 @ 3:41pm $1,000.00 Anonymous
We believe in the mission of CYT and have experienced its positive impact firsthand!
11/10/20 @ 9:07pm $2,000.00 Evergreen Leadership LLC
11/14/20 @ 2:11pm $100.00 Anonymous
11/14/20 @ 8:03pm $2,000.00 Anonymous
11/23/20 @ 12:31pm $200.00 Anonymous
We love CYT and want to see it in every community! Building character in kids is a critical mission all while having fun on a stage. God bless CYT.
11/24/20 @ 4:27pm $50.00 Anonymous
11/24/20 @ 5:55pm $1,000.00 Anonymous
11/29/20 @ 8:54pm $500.00 Ron and Ruth Bennett
Proud of this organization and proud to be able to support it!
11/30/20 @ 9:28am $500.00 Anonymous
11/30/20 @ 10:08am $200.00 Anonymous
11/30/20 @ 10:21am $100.00 Anonymous
11/30/20 @ 12:02pm $25.00 Anonymous
11/30/20 @ 2:17pm $100.00 Anonymous
May the Lord continue to bless CYT!
12/1/20 @ 4:58am $200.00 Floyd and Mary Juday
12/1/20 @ 5:02am $1,000.00 Anonymous
Keep up the good work for these kids.....
12/1/20 @ 7:17am $125.00 Anonymous
Praising God for His continued work through CYTs all over the nation!
12/1/20 @ 8:17am $25.00 Anonymous
12/1/20 @ 8:35am $100.00 Anonymous
CYT has greatly blessed our family and MANY others.
12/1/20 @ 8:51am $50.00 Betsy Ziegler
12/1/20 @ 8:58am $1,000.00 Anonymous
12/1/20 @ 9:06am $50.00 Anonymous
12/1/20 @ 9:36am $100.00 David & Cynthia Luke
12/1/20 @ 10:30am $500.00 Anonymous
12/1/20 @ 10:41am $400.00 Janie d'Avignon
I LOVE CYT and I believe in it's benefits to children! I support CYT going forward with renewed enthusiasm for training in the arts.
12/1/20 @ 2:56pm $25.00 Emily Zapata
Thank you CYT for all you do! We love you!
12/1/20 @ 3:22pm $20.00 Anonymous
12/1/20 @ 3:28pm $200.00 Anonymous
So grateful for CYT and praying for our CYT family!
12/1/20 @ 4:14pm $25.00 Anonymous
12/1/20 @ 4:18pm $250.00 Anonymous
12/1/20 @ 4:22pm $30.00 Anonymous
12/1/20 @ 5:50pm $20.00 Tandelyn weaver
12/1/20 @ 6:30pm $50.00 L. Hubbard
“Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics” Victor Punchik
12/1/20 @ 6:39pm $50.00 Anonymous
12/1/20 @ 8:09pm $20.00 Anonymous
12/1/20 @ 9:34pm $40.00 Mark & Laura Bertagnolli
Keep up the great work! We miss you all!
12/1/20 @ 9:50pm $30.00 Elisabeth & Jeremy Lee
Cheering on CYT and the Smith Family!
12/2/20 @ 6:37am $20.00 Anonymous
12/2/20 @ 7:31am $1,000.00 Sara Ghizzoni
CYT has been a huge part of my grandchildren's life beginning when they were 8 years old. The organization nourishes talent, respect, kind hearts, care for the wellbeing of each other. I love the productions, workshops, and comradery observed first hand. Hope this helps to keep a fantastic organization to be able to continue.
12/2/20 @ 8:19am $200.00 Anonymous
CYT has made a tremendous impact on our family. Happy to contribute to the cause!
12/2/20 @ 10:14am $100.00 Alan Ghizzoni
CYT has been a true blessing to my daughter's family. Happy to donate to this organization.
12/2/20 @ 10:35am $25.00 Anonymous
12/2/20 @ 12:29pm $25.00 Anonymous
Keep up the great work & cheering on the Rhodes Family
12/2/20 @ 2:13pm $50.00 Anonymous
12/2/20 @ 2:54pm $100.00 Anonymous
12/2/20 @ 4:49pm $500.00 Anonymous
12/3/20 @ 8:04am $1,000.00 Anonymous
12/4/20 @ 2:56am $50.00 Anonymous
12/18/20 @ 1:00pm $100.00 Anonymous
12/18/20 @ 4:21pm $35.00 Anonymous
12/24/20 @ 11:57pm $150.00 Patee Spurlock aka Mrs. Claus
God Bless CYT and the 40th Anniversary. What you do for kids and Seniors is amazing❤️🤶🏻❤️
12/30/20 @ 10:47am $360.00 Anonymous
Happy New Year CYT!